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Back on the road for SeattleOPSB. Breakers @ SFU , Orcas and Beach Dogs @ Abbotsford

All three teams are on the road this weekend, heading up to Canada to take on Abbotsford and Simon Fraser University.

Beach Dogs & Orcas will be at Abbotsford, looking to maintain their dominate stature. Per BC Rugby News

Around the Leagues

An interesting battle shaping up in the Island Div 1 as they start their semis this week. There are four evenly matched teams vying to represent the Island in the BC playoffs, likely to host UBC in the BC semis. Cowichan host Port Alberni and Velox host Nanaimo, both games at 1pm.

SeattleOPSB Claim Top Spot in Okanagan Springs Brewery League 1 with 37-24 Win Over UBC

Saturday was an overall good day for the club. Breakers lost a nail biter to 8-15 to Abbotsford at home. The team performed well enduring 4 starting injuries throughout the match.

Up in BC, the men traveled to UBC with the opportunity to take top spot in the Okanagan Springs Brewery League Division 1 and 2. Last half, UBC traveled to SeattleOPSB and handed the Beach Dogs their only loss of the year and the Orca's their 2nd loss of the year.

Orcas tied UBC II's up at their grounds 8-8, leaving UBC II on top of the table but moving the Orcas into the No.2 seed.

Orcas & Beach Dogs take two W's in Kamloops, Play for top of the tables this weekend vs. UBC. Breakers host Abbotsford

Last weekend the SeattleOPSB Orca and Beach Dog squads made the trek up to Kamloops. SeattleOPSB continued their winning ways, taking two W's and the bonus points for the ride home.

This weekend the Orcas and Beach Dogs head up to UBC in a battle for the top of the Division 1 & 2 tables. This will be a tough fixture and one that the team has been looking forward to since the end of the half last fall. UBC handed the Beach Dogs their only loss of the year at that fixture and the Orca's their 2nd loss of the year.